New Zone-10 Website Launched

Submitted by Ken Norton on Sat, 11/28/2015 - 16:37

Welcome to the new Zone-10 website. This has been a work-in-progress for the past year. The old site was no longer upgradeable to be mobile device friendly, so a new site was needed. Versions of this site have been built using Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. After extensive testing and time spent trying to address the shortcomings of Wordpress and Joomla, it was decided to settle on Drupal. However, we also wanted to wait for the new Drupal Version 8, which is native Mobile friendly. This site will adapt to whatever device you are viewing it on, whether a computer, tablet or phone.

As it has always been, Zone-10 remains free to access, however, to help with the hosting fees, we do use Google Ads. We'll keep the advertising to a minimum, but please understand that this is necessary to avoid having to charge for accessing the content. This website is now the home site for the photography services arm of Zone-10 Photography, formerly Image66 Media, which had a separate website.

The website is a work in progress and we'll be migrating content from the old site over to the new site as time allows. However, not all content will be brought over. Just the evergreen content. News stories and most opinion pieces will be shed. But the camera reviews and Olympus heritage information will be migrated. The site was founded in 2007 and has reached nearly FIVE MILLION VISITORS in that time. While the original intent of the website has changed and now offers photographic services, the information and education side of the website will remain.

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Wedding Photography

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Zone-10 provides Wedding Photography. If you are looking for a free or lowest cost wedding, we are not it. We are also not the most expensive, either. The national average for the cost of a wedding photography package is $2800. Does this seem too expensive? Maybe, maybe not. Does the price include the album and several prints or is it for the photographer just showing up for a few hours and handing you a thumbdrive at the end of the evening? While there are wedding photographers here in Iowa that will charge just a few hundred dollars for a wedding, there is an advantage to spending a little more and getting your complete package.

So, how much does Zone-10 charge for a wedding? Basic coverage with a proof book and a thumb drive for files is as low as $1000 for weddings in Central and South-West Iowa. Albums and fine-art prints can add up to an additional $1000. A typical full wedding package averages about $1600 which includes the wedding photography, a large art print and album. When we sit down and discuss your wedding, we can cover the options available to you. In many cases, we do use a second photographer to cover multiple angles at the same time and have the ability to be in two places at once.



Film photography weddings are also available AND PREFERRED! We will shoot parts of the wedding and some of the formals with film, along with the digital cameras. The look and feel of the images is not only unique, but often times superior to digital camera photos. We use Kodak Portra 400, which has extremely wide exposure latitude, fine grain and amazing skin tones and colors. A film-only wedding is available at extra cost. Unless otherwise noted, we will use some film during the wedding. All film images are digitized and edited alongside the digital camera images. Film or digital, the images can be adjusted to a seemless look for the album.

The cameras are all Olympus, which have extremely high-quality lenses and produce the best skin colors.


group shot



Outdoor weddings or indoor weddings. It doesn't matter. We DO use flash to control our lighting when appropriate. A true professional wedding photographer knows how and when to use flash. Just cranking up the ISO on the camera is not the solution for wedding photography.


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Please call or email to discuss pricing, schedule and availability. If you are looking for a $600 wedding package, you may not get it from us, but if you are looking for a realistic, fair-priced package that is customized to your specific needs, please give us a call.

On the subject of lower-cost packages, if you are having a simple wedding ceremony and want just basic coverage of the wedding and a handful of portraits, we can work up a package just for that. These are far below the normal pricing and are usually considered a blend of event and portrait photography and priced accordingly. There is a big difference between a one hour wedding in the park with just a handful of people and an all-day cathedral wedding with horse drawn carriages and hundreds of guests. One may need only about a hundred pictures to be taken, while the other will need about 3000 pictures.


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Wedding photography for Des Moines, Council Bluffs, Central Iowa, Southern Iowa and Western Iowa.