Darkroom and Lab Services

Film Development and Printing

Zone-10 Photography offers custom Black and White processing and printing services. Film processing is available in 35mm, 120/220 and 4×5 film sizes. Push and pull processing is available at no extra cost. Ilford DD-X chemistry is used exclusively for film development except for custom orders.

We no longer offer individual 3R/4R proof prints of entire rolls, but recommend contact sheets instead. The processed film is sleeved in PrintFile™ storage sheets, contact-printed or digitally scanned with the digital proof sheet emailed to you. You specify the specific frames that you want printed along with suggested crop marks and email the marked proof sheet back to us.

Basic printing and Custom printing is available in sizes up to 11×14″ on Fiber-Base paper. Selenium Toning and spotting services will be charged extra. Contrast controls, such as paper-flashing and split-grade printing, may be used for custom prints along with reasonable dodging and burning efforts. Custom runs of prints on RC papers available upon request. Fiber and RC prints larger than 11×14 are available, but we do not typically stock these paper sizes. When ordering Custom Printing, we communicate with you to understand your preferences in contrast and tonalities. In some cases we digitize the image and perform “proof of concept” tests for your approval.